Dreams, hopes and wishes.

My memoir, Stepmother,  is set to be released to the public eye in five short weeks.  I thought I would give you a sampler with pictures.


Wood dandelions


You close your eyes, gather your breath and blow.  A wish, a hope and a dream.

“…I gathered the three members of this new family on my old living room couch and the camera clicked.  As we recorded our first night, all as one, everything seemed sort of, maybe, possible.  And while I did not expect it to be easy….I did imagine a time when it would simply work.”

But early on, there were days that looked like this…



She simmered.  He walked away.  She yelled.  He rolled his eyes.
Are you kidding me?!?
“You’re being ridiculous…just get over it.”
Resulting in many days when I wanted to do this…

woman and tornado


A dream, a hope and a wish.  I closed my eyes and gathered my breath.



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