A Soundtrack. Part 1

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A recent writing assignment about music resulted in an essay I nicknamed, “A Soundtrack of Life.”  I find, like most people, that a certain song or a certain meal can take you back instantly to a specific memory.  A moment preserved.

Because it is Thursday and a special day for throwbacks, here is Part 1.

The Song.

“At the bar”

A funny folk song, of folks sitting at the bar, and the coins are rolling away.  Good pants are ripped and no longer needed for Sunday.

The Moment.

Tekiu point. Clam digging. All the families at the beach. Short hair clipped back with a barrette. Making cigars out of fat sticks and lighting them till they smoked. Dogs. Labs and golden retrievers. My Dad and Mr. Anderson laughing. Driving home in the old blue station wagon, windows all open. No seatbelts. Dad starts the verse.

What’s the first song on your soundtrack?

4 thoughts on “A Soundtrack. Part 1

  1. I can recall my older sister playing Ricky Nelson and Pat Boone 45’s endlessly. My parents had a juke box with some of their favorites on it: Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Patti Page…. That’s where I finally discovered my music: Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington, Fats Waller … who were soon to be replaced—though only temporarily—by the Jefferson Airplane and Janis Joplin. Thanks for the stroll down musical memory lane, Marianne!


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