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I’m dusting off some thoughts for 2020….

So Happy New Year. 

First up, some thoughts on gal friends…I love them! Love, joy, laughter, dancing, crying, eating, working are just many of the things that they bring and brighten.  And the conversation…sometimes quick, often long, most always welcome.   

So with dust flyin’ – Cheers!


You would be surprised by her naughty thoughts and her mouth full of curse words. An invitation for tea, might include a description of those damn cups that her mother gave her from Italy that bring her so much comfort. A conversation on the beautiful day, might also include the shitty driver who cut her off while she was admiring the rainbow crossing the bridge.

What should not surprise you is how strong and determined she is. Her eyes are bright. Her teeth sparkle. And with one deep breath, she straightens her shoulders and marches forward, despite her feelings that she is fucking cursed and regrets many of her past shitty decisions. She is the person you want in front of you, behind you and beside you. She can do all those positions. Fucking fabulously.


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