September 26

Today is the day.

My memoir, Stepmother, turns 1 today. But in my definition of book years it really turns 10. Since it took me that long to write, edit, find a publisher, print it and watch it move out into the world.

But it is this past year I want to commemorate. To say thanks.

It has been a year of many gifts. And like most good gifts, ones that I did not see coming. Ones that surprised me, touched my heart and brought moments of true joy.

Thanks to the women I met this year. Most of you are writers. You inspire me. You were generous and warm and available.  I felt like an author at a welcoming round table and I was thrilled to sit beside you.

Thanks to the readers. Wow! What I learned from you! Time is precious and for you to take the time to read and/or reach out to me, to tell me how the book impacted you, was an unmeasurable delight. Tears came easily this year. But it was the tears of companionship brought together by your kind comments that marked me most.

A bit about my publisher…She Writes Press and Brooke Warner have been an incredible partner during this process. It comes as no surprise to me that Brooke was awarded the Industry Innovation Award last night by the Book Industry Study Group. She is a trailblazer and a champion of women writers. My experience went way beyond my expectations. And I could not be more grateful for the honor of having been an author with this organization and this group of fine people.

This year I loved the readings, the book groups, the interactions that followed meeting with people and listening to their thoughts and questions. I enjoyed the challenge of defending my words. Because in the acts of defense, I found fierce truths and an inner strength that I can live with.

I am proud of my book. I am thankful for the gifts of the past year. And I am deeply grateful to all of you.



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9 thoughts on “September 26

  1. Yay! Congrats on your book being a year old, Marianne! Already?! Time flies. Hope our paths cross again!

    Best! Michelle

    *Michelle Cox* *Author of the Henrietta and Inspector Howard series * *Web:* Michellecoxwrite (dot) com | *Tweet:* @michellecox33 |* FB: *Michelle Cox Writes


  2. Congratulations! It sounds like all those gifts have stemmed from your generosity, telling your story with grace and honesty. I hope you continue to write, and find another piece of life to relay to all of us, your readers. Take care, and Keep Writing! Polly Zetterberg, copy editor who loves memoir


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